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(formerly Wealthbuilder Investment Club)

registered retirement savings plan eligible - Canada only

What is the difference between the FIC RRSP and FIC Canada?

Our RRSP eligible offering is called FIC RRSP The club is structured identically to the Freedom Investment Club, the only real difference being in the mix of investments.

FIC Canada

After purchasing shares, when do I receive confirmation of my share purchase?

When members make a share purchase (investment) the share purchase "filing" is batched with other member "filings". This is a part of our ongoing efforts to reduce expense (as it costs as much to do one as many). Once the "filing" (with the related securities commission) is done a copy of the share certificate will be mailed to the member who has made the investment. This can take in excess of 90 days.

Note: We have looked at this from many directions - regarding the costs vs. wait time ratio and with the decrease in one, the other increases proportionately. It is a balancing act. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

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